a bed bug crawling on a mattress

Bed Bug Solutions For Syracuse & Central NY

Bed bugs were once almost eradicated. However, this pest has made a bit of a comeback and become far more common than they ever were. An increase in used furniture purchases and international travel are both suspected of being the leading reasons for this phenomenon. In addition, bed bugs have become better able to resist traditional pesticides and other similar treatments since the ban of DDT. Fortunately, there are ways around this problem.

Our Bed Bug IPM Process

a bed bug crawling on a bed sheet

Effective pest management with this particular pest requires an integrated approach that starts with an inspection to determine the point of origin and to establish containment. Once we've secured containment, we implement a variety of solutions to eradicate the infestation.

Bed Bug Treatments

Our process involves the use of two specific solutions — biological and chemical, along with supporting methods for a complete approach.

Our biological solution consists of applying a solution around the borders of any harborage locations to cut them off at the source.

Our chemical solution involves a treatment applied three times over the course of a month using the least amount of product necessary to neutralize the bed bugs.

Our pest management professionals offer single-room treatments, and we provide professional-grade mattress covers to our customers. We keep coming back until we can verify the bed bugs are gone, and we utilize a digital microscope to ensure that we don't miss a single bed bug.

Bed Bugs Multiply Exponentially

You can find bed bugs almost anywhere. Bed bugs need blood to grow and reproduce, which they acquire mostly by biting and feeding on humans. What makes stopping this so difficult is their size. They are so small that fully-grown bed bugs only grow to a fraction of the size of a penny. Regardless of their stage of development, you can find bed bugs on or near a bed most of the time, and they can double their population in as little as 18 days when left unchecked.

6 Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs 

1. Double-check all used furniture for signs of bed bugs before bringing it into your home.

2. Check any luggage for bed bugs that visitors bring into your house.

3. Don't allow excessive sleepovers.

4. Avoid public storage areas when possible.

5. Change your room if you discover bed bugs in the one you are assigned to while on vacation.

6. Watch for any signs of an infestation such as excrement on your bedding or bites on your skin.
If your building has bed bugs or other unwanted pests, contact Pestmaster® Services of Central New York for pest management with environmentality.