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Services With Guaranteed Results For Syracuse, NY

When it comes to pest management, there is one universal truth that every business faces. They need guaranteed results that ideally don’t require the business to shut down. Our pest management professionals understand that, which is why we’ve worked hard to provide the perfect solution. We only use eco-friendly pest control products so your employees and customers can remain safe while we eliminate your pest infestation. When you need guaranteed results, it’s time to bring in Pestmaster® Services of Central New York.

Our Commercial Qualifications

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Our commitment to providing guaranteed results is centered on our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system. This approach is what ensures our treatments are a success. We talk with those in charge of your facility while inspecting the property in order to understand the full picture.

Once we’re ready to implement treatments, we place monitors to identify the pest travel patterns and point of origin so we can proactively stop future infestations. Every treatment is tailored to the pest in question so you can count on environment-friendly pest management.

Our team provides guaranteed results thanks to the following:

  • IPM Certified Status

  • Numerous business affiliations including NPMA, Professional Service Council, NAWMA, and the GSA

  • Certified Entomologist

  • Associate Certified Entomologist

  • Free Inspections and Estimates

  • Environmentally Friendly Products

By partnering with the pest management professionals at Pestmaster® Services of Central New York, you’re taking the first step to a pest-free facility. We don’t approach pest management carelessly. We know the stakes involved, no matter what industry our commercial customers operate in. That’s why you can depend on our team to deliver not just great results, but more importantly, guaranteed results with your well-being in mind. Call today to take control of your business and make those annoying pests a memory.

Facilities We Service

a classroom full of young children that are listening to their teacher


The students in your school, daycare, or learning center take for granted that their surrounding environment is safe and clean. When pests of any kind invade, that sense of security is compromised, plus, parents become upset. Stay ahead of the problem by working with us. We only use verified environmentally safe products to eliminate pests from schools and learning centers.

a wheel chair in the hall way of a hospital


The very nature of hospitals and doctors' offices require treating sick people. Pests carry diseases and heighten the risk to your patients. That’s why we work quickly to eliminate pest infestations, so the health and well-being of your patients won't be compromised a second longer than necessary. Don’t compromise by going without safe, eco-friendly pest management.

a man standing in a hotel lobby


It doesn’t matter if you run a hotel or a motel. Your customers depend on a clean room and sanitary conditions at a minimum. Pest infestations ruin the fun for everyone since they lead to dissatisfied customers, which can hurt the reputation of your business. We understand how important your brand reputation is, which is why we use proven green pest control products to resolve your pest problems.

an exterior view of an apartment complex

Property Management

The residents in your rental properties won’t stay when pest infestations are common. It’s a sign of uncleanliness and potentially harmful to their health. As such, this is unacceptable for your business. That’s why we'll customize a pest management plan for you designed to deliver long-lasting guaranteed results.

a fancy table in a restaurant with pasta and wine


Depending on the pest, you may have to comp a customer’s meal or even close down until you can pass an inspection. Not only does this harm your bottom line, but it also puts your reputation on the line. Our team has you covered regardless of the pest involved. We’ll ensure your restaurant is up to code, and your brand reputation is safe, every single meal.

interior of a food processing plant

Food Processing

Your processing facility is the cornerstone of food transportation and delivery. As such, high-quality control standards are a must. With a pest infestation, quality control goes out the window. We work with you to determine the appropriate solutions so you can resume meeting the high standards your business demands day in and day out.

Why Choose Pestmaster® Services?

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When it comes to the operation of your business, it’s about putting practices in place that last. The initial success of your company only goes so far. Our pest management professionals know that, which is why we refuse to settle for anything less than providing the best solutions.

For over 40 years, we’ve worked to utilize the latest technologies and practices to deliver guaranteed results to our commercial customers.

We honor our commitment through the following:

  • Extensive service areas

  • High-level employee training

  • Customized solutions designed for your business

  • Certified Entomologist on staff

Your company didn’t get to where it is today by being complacent and offering sub-par products and services. We refuse to let you settle for second-best when it comes to pest management. We deliver guaranteed results by delivering pest management with environmentality on every service call.

Why We Chose This Mission

Pest control is a massive industry. However, most pest control solutions are incomplete or potentially harmful to customers. Our team found that unacceptable, which is why we sought to deliver a pest control product that is safe for you and the environment without compromising on results. It’s not true pest management if your employees remain at risk. Don’t settle when you can hire the best today.