a raccoon outside of a house

Quality Wildlife Services For Syracuse, NY

A lot of animals in the wild seem cute and like they came right out of a children’s movie. However, this cuteness only works when they remain outside in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, nuisance wildlife are precisely that. They can be a startling experience for the unsuspecting homeowner to find in their house, considering they’re much larger than an ant or another insect.

The most common nuisance wildlife to watch out for in Central New York include squirrels, opossums, raccoons, and bats. Keep in mind these animals are likely to be frightened when surprised or approached, which will make them aggressive. They are usually hazardous for untrained people to handle and safely remove.

Our Wildlife IPM Method

a squirrel in a live trap

We train our pest management professionals in the use of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) pest control approach.

This approach ensures we identify the specific problem, entry points, and the nuisance pest in question. Once identified, we can develop a course of action to remove the animal in question from your property safely.

Every animal requires a different approach, which is why we tailor our solutions to the situation. So long as it’s legal in your area, we prefer to use the trap and release method.

We use this method primarily for raccoons, skunks, woodchucks, possums, and squirrels. We check the traps daily until all nuisance wildlife is accounted for and released back into their natural habitat.

The Dangers Of A Wildlife Infestation

In addition to the obvious physical dangers some animals may present, there are other things to consider. Part of the reason to avoid these animals is that they can transmit diseases. For instance, bats can infect people with rabies or histoplasmosis, while raccoons can carry rabies. Not only is your property at risk, but your very health is on the line unless you take prompt action and contact professional nuisance wildlife control.

Another concern that wild animals present is the property damage they can cause. Everything from chewed electrical wires to damaged ceilings can occur if they are left unchecked for long. Do you have nuisance wildlife or other unwanted pests? Contact Pestmaster® Services of Central New York for pest management with environmentality.